Startup DNA | Startup-focused consultancy
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what we do

  • we are a finishing school for entrepreneurs
  • our aim is to make your startup a success
  • we sit with you and talk you through the pros and cons of your idea
  • we work as a sounding board for you to think out loud
  • we tell you if the odds are stacked against your idea becoming successful 
  • we give you ideas on how to make your idea more likely to succeed
  • we help you craft your prototype
  • we help you create your business plan
  • we groom you before you pitch to an investor – if you need one
  • when we say ‘startup’, it means any business and not just online ventures
  • when we say ‘startup’, it can be any business that has not become successful yet and could do with some handholding


We use cutting edge research on entrepreneurship and real world experience from setting up and running startups when advising you


We are set up to provide all of our services in person (if you are in London) or through telephone and Skype – so irrespective of where you are physically located, we can help you with your startup


If you are an entrepreneur with an idea for a startup, or if you have launched a startup recently, you should talk to us to make sure you are on the right track

Are you ready to start a conversation? Your first session with us is free.